For the Ladies

Regency Women's Clothing
Authentic dress of the Regency Period (1800-1825)
Formal Attire

1. Undergarments
a) bodice petticoat b) corset c) stockings (example of originals)
2. Eveningwear
Rocking Horse Farm (Gown with Calf Length Overdress)
La Mode Bagatelle (the best pattern available)
c) pattern review by Jessamyn
4. Outergarments
a) spencer (Regency Spencer/Pelisse) b) cloak
c) shawl (example of authentic)
5. Accessories
c) gloves (good example) d) reticule e) fan (good example)
6. Shoes
b) boots (example of originals about halfway down)
7. Hairstyle and Makeup