For the Gentlemen

Regency Men's Clothing
Authentic dress of the Regency Period (1800-1825)
Formal Attire
1. Undergarments
a) informal shirt b) formal shirt c) stockings (example of originals)
d) cravat e) another cravat (front) (how to tie) (example of original)
2. Formal Dress (example of original)
a) vest b) jacket c) breeches (french fly) (drop front)
3. Informal Dress (example of original + pants, not breeches)
a) vest b) jacket c) pants
4. Military
5. Shoes
a) dress shoe or boot (example of original look for the detail of shoe)
b) boots (halfway down page)
6. Hats
a) hats (examples) b) Hatcrafters c) Clearwater
7. Hairstyles